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As Germany's largest performance-marketing agency, we have at our disposal the required expertise in all online-marketing disciplines, in order to know the factors of success of a modern website. We translate your company's objectives into features and content with measurable KPIs and adjust these to the expectations of your users. This way, you achieve your defined goals and make your website relaunch a success.

Our Expertise

A brand's purpose is to define the positioning of what your company offers and to differentiate from competitor brands. Furthermore, a brand should create an emotional tie, thus facilitating the selling process. With a website that is tailored to the needs of your customers, we increase your company's level of brand recognition and its success on the internet.


To better understand the brand, the target groups and what is needed, we dive deep into your company's world. The information gathered makes up the content purpose and the indicators for the website relaunch. This process results in a holistic website concept.


The visible change with most website relaunches is the design. There are no boundaries for creativity here  see for yourself what our emotion and know-how can create for you.


A solid foundation in the form of a well-thought-out strategy is indispensible for search engine optimization (SEO). The resulting measures of SEO for on- and offpage optimization increase the number of visitors to your website as well as your visibility on the internet.


In order to guarantee the correct representation of your website on all devices – desktop as well as mobile, our experienced developer team relies upon responsive design. Usability first, content choreography and mobile first are a matter of course for us, so that we are also able to technically bring your website to a new level.


With the help of web analysis tools, we are able to analyze and evaluate the customer journey of your website users. Based on the results of these analyses, we optimise your internet presence, adjusting it to the needs of your users.


The underlying technology of the website enables user-based playing out of the website contents. This way each user is shown content that is individually tailored to his or her needs or interests. This maximum of relevance per website visitor greatly helps you reach your goals.


User-, SEO- and conversion-optimized content is essential for making your website relevant for the user. For this you need a content concept that is in line with your objectives as well as the development of creative formats.

Project Management

The smooth coordination of all involved with the project is a decisive point if the website relaunch is to be completed successfully. Project controlling as well as quality assurance are absolutely necessary for the completion of the website within the given limits.

Our Approach

We act according to the BIxD-Prozess:


In the Discover phase, we become familiar with the brand, the company and the target group and can thus understand the client's task at hand. We determine mutual objectives which can then be seen as measurable results at the end of the project.


After the objectives have been clearly established, the strategy of the website is specified in the Define phase - in the form of a functional concept. Here we plan the steps for brand communication and a positive user experience.


In the Design phase, the strategic orientation established in the Define phase is conveyed in visual and functional concepts bearing in mind the current trends. The ideal representation on different devices plays a key role here. At the end of this phase we have a prototype.


In the Deliver phase, the prototype is transferred to the final version of the website. In addition, the strategies determined in the Define phase are documented for future enhancements and/or new projects.


In the Distribute phase, we put together the processes for the continuous further development of the website and plan the marketing. In addition, we determine which steps should be taken next and discuss our further collaboration.

Our Clients
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Jörg Löhr
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Your Advantages
  • Relaunch experience since 1996
  • User-centered design
  • Positioning of your brand on the Internet
  • A well-coordinated relaunch team
  • All online marketing disciplines available in one place
  • Less complicated thanks to qualified project managers
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