Programmatic Customer Journey

Next Level Solutions made by explido»iProspect

Since 2009, explido»iProspect has done pioneering work in the areas of dynamization and automation of different advertising spaces. Product developments like the dynamic MultiplexXBanner or multivariate banner testing were the forerunners along the path of origin of the data-driven programmatic customer journey. Today, we can offer you these next-level solutions exclusively – for 100 % relevance of your digital advertising.

Our Expertise
Programmatic Banner Ads

Thanks to independent, well-engineered tools and methods, we are able to manage advertising of all sizes and functions, personlized and individual to each and every user. This is a fully-automated procedure carried out in realtime – with no constraints whatsoever on the creation.

Programmatic Web Design

What good is the best display campaign, if after the click, the target page breaks with the design and content of the advertising? Our programmatic customer journey steps in right here and enables unified or consistent storytelling across all touchpoints to the target group.

Programmatic Touchpoint Interfaces

We react to the rapid digitalization of our world and are constantly developing new programmatic advertising possibilities for our clients. This will enable us to one day play programmatic content in TV and radio commercials as well as out-of-home displays, among others.

Our Approach

Advertising space is hard-fought for on the Internet. The consequence is simple: Advertising has to be more relevant and of higher quality in order to reach the user. With our know-how and our foward-looking technologies, we achieve 100 % relevance for all target groups.

"Storytelling along the entire digital customer journey is more important than ever before."

Your Advantages
  • 100 % relevance
  • Budgets can be set in a more targetted way
  • Storytelling along the complete customer journey
  • Technology with future potential
  • Reduction of the bounce rate
  • Reduction in costs for graphics and set-up
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