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We assist you in gaining a holistic, data-based understanding of your users, customers and target groups. This knowledge is incorporated into the optimization of all marketing activities and contributes to customer loyalty and also to an increase in the customer lifetime value. In-depth knowledge of user behavior and user identity allow for an increase in efficiency for new customer acquisition – beyond all advertising contact points, points of sale, and different devices.

Our Expertise
Web Analytics

Websites, multi-domains, marketing channels – we help you map out your ecosystem holistically, in order to optimize your performance comprehensively. Customer engagement and conversions are measurable with the aid of videos, configurators, quote engines and ordering processes. The understanding of your user that is gained facilitates the optimization of content and processes.

Data Stream Strategy

We screen your existing system landscape (tag management, web analytics, campaign and bid management systems, CRM). To retain customers and win new customers, we use a system-wide, user-centerd data strategy in order to exhaust all possibilities for cross-linking and harmonising.

Audience Management

Statistical twins, similar audiences? Intent and identity? That is what we are here for: With the help of behavior and demographic features, we identify different user and customer segments through careful consideration of all of your data. Your advantage: this enables you to directly address your target groups and have more efficient and effective prospecting campaigns.

Tag Management

Achieve the greatest possible independence from your IT and release cycles. Through web interfaces, you have control over all tags. Tag management allows you the room for agile marketing, that earns its name.

Customer Journey

We are on your customers' data trail in that we track, analyze and optimize cross-channel effects. Attribution models – whether substantiated by game theory or based classically rule-based (position and time) – provide leverage in increasing the efficiency of your multichannel marketing.

Mobile App Tracking

Accomodate the mobile habits of your customers: We track your apps and integrate this important point of contact in a measurable way into your digital world and into the customer journey. Measure the success of campaigns, improve the app experience. Here, user centricity becomes (data) reality.

TV Analytics

TV and digital – we show you how to close the gap between online and offline. We measure the second screen impact on the website and TV-based customer journeys equally and use this Information optimization efforts. We reveal spillover effects on digital channels that go beyond the session and seek to re-address the user consistently.


Through integrative dashboards, we visualize and report digital and non-digital data sources centralized in a single solution. This way you always know how your KPIs develop and can act based on data.

Training & Academy

You decide: Entry in efficient work with your solutions or tips from pros for your experienced users. We offer trainings tailored to your needs in German or English.

Our Approach
Your goals,
your target groups.
your tool ecosystem.
Our Mission.

In line with your requirements.
Our clients value not only our profound know-how and our integrity, but also our structured approach, geared toward your individual needs.




Your user and client data are at the center of all strategic considerations and our user-centered, cross-channel and cross-device campaign management. That’s why it is all the more important with a data analytics team to establish a central link that understands the different ways of thinking of the various stakeholders, thus facilitating proper communication. The result: harmonized communication, harmonized strategy, harmonized data and optimized performance.



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Since 2008 we provide expert consultancy in the rapidly developing sector of data analytics regarding the rapidly-developing subject area of data analytics. We accompany you and your company through the digital transformation. Profit from our many years of experience, our profound familiarity with the industry and our constant striving for knowledge.

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