Creative, flexible & with great aesthetic demands: the Creative Unit from explido»iProspect

Since the beginning of 2007, the Creative Unit has been a permanent part of explido»iProspect's portfolio. With our resourcefulness, our innovative strength and our grasp of current trends, we develop brilliant ideas and concepts that are sound and sustainably thought out for the future.

Our Expertise
Idea Development

What distinguishes a good concept from a brilliant one is its origin: the idea. In developing ideas, we use a structured approach and work with innovative techniques of creativity – from the initial impulse of an idea to its deeper elaboration and on to its transformation into a sound concept.

Concepts & Campaigns

Take a success-oriented approach to classic advertising: Have your advertisements created with clearly-defined parameters for success and use these consistently for building up brand loyalty and stimulating purchase decisions.

Websites, Shops and Landing Pages

Regardless of whether it's a relaunch, rebrush or a completely new creation: We optimize your web presence taking into account your personal wishes, trends in graphic design and the current demands of the market.

Advertising &
Programmatic Creation

With the help of the latest technology, it is possible to disburse advertising in realtime and individualized to the user. Through the use of programmatic calibration, what ensues are a significant rise in relevance, a reduction in the bounce rate, consistent storytelling through all touchpoints and a considerable decrease in costs.


With the aid of infographics, even complex contexts can be conveyed so that the user can quickly grasp them. Through the use of visually-appealing design, content is made easier to understand and remains fixed in the user's consciousness for a long time.

Video & Audio

Videos produced in high quality are an effective marketing instrument. They involve the user on an emotional level and provide entertainment value. From the conception to the filming and the post-production in the areas of editing, animation or audio, our moving image experts take care of all the steps involved for you in one place.

Our Approach

The simpler, the more unique, the more eyecatching and the more logical the creation of your corporate design, the more effectively it will prove itself on the market. Good corporate design is not a matter of taste, but rather a functional necessity.

"Our goal is the perfect mix of simplification and uniqueness.”

A modern corporate design is geared to the possibilities of electronic media. They have the necessary luminance to put the art design in motion. We use this dynamic design to develop your corporate design from logo and typography to acoustic and verbal indentity consistently from the perspective of the new media — of course, transferrable to classic media with no problem.

"Our many years of experience make your brand noticible.”

The result: Your brand gets a visual appearance with a signaling effect that functions in all sizes and in every surrounding, for example, by using dynamic banners in banner creation. Your brand should not only appear modern, it should also have staying power. That's why we do not base our concepts on effects that are in vogue, but on clearer, more sustainable imagery.

Our Clients
Jörg Löhr
Mercedes-Benz Bank
Art Directors Club
Initiative Mittelstand
Deutscher Preis für Oninekommunikation
Your Advantages
  • Over 13 years of experience & know-how
  • Idea, concept, design & implementation — all in one place
  • Sustainable corporate design for the staying power
  • Creative, quick and flexible
  • Qualified and certified
  • Over 100 comprehensive campaigns
  • Over 250 relaunch projects
  • Over 40,000 online ads
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