Conversion Optimization

User-centered and data driven

For more than ten years, we have operated target-oriented conversion optimization by improving the usability and user experience of our clients' websites and landing pages. By directly addressing the user, we are able to measurably optimize the conversion rate as well as sales through a/b testing and multivariate testing. This helps us to develop solutions that are tailored to you and your target groups.

Our Expertise

Through diverse methods of analysis, we check where and why your users interrupt the conversion funnel. Here we can identify especial high optimization potential for your target groups.

Optimization & Conception

From landing pages to the checkout process, we conceptualize optimized alternatives in the form of wireframes and screen designs, in order to lead the user directly to the conversion.

A/B Testing

Through A/B testing and multivariate tests, we make success measurable. From the selection of tools to the right hypotheses and further to the technical setup, we check the optimization measures in reality.

Landing pages

Performance-optimized landing pages are the nuts and bolts of successful online marketing. When these are ideally-suited to your assigned advertising, we are able to pick up your users directly, which increases the effectiveness of your campaigns.


In order to address your users individually, we put the most diverse data sources to work. We dynamize your onsite content to the needs and behaviors of your target groups. Personalization – across the entire customer journey.


Conversion Optimization helps you to strategically position yourself amid rapidly-growing competition and to set yourself apart from competitors. We turn visitors of your website into buyers, making you successful in the long run.

Our Approach

Our goal is to promote you and your brand so that you can rise above the competition in the long run. We guarantee this through the combination of our many years of expertise, the use of selected tools as well as the consideration of relevant data.

Strategic & Holistic

User-centered conversion rate optimization today demands a holistic approach to create synergies between online marketing and onsite optimization. In considering the customer journey, we can observe our clients and their brands holistically across channels in order to increase the performance of the campaigns in a user-centered way. Here, usability and user experience play a decisive role.

Looking After the Click

Looking after the click is often greatly disregarded.In actuality, the landingpages as well as the entire underlying conversion process on your website behind it are elementary to the success of an online marketing campaign. From advertising to conversion, the user experience and the joy of use should be tailored to your own target group.

Interdisciplinary and Data-driven

Today, user-centered and cross-channel conversion rate optimization are only possible by bringing in different areas of expertise. We combine performance marketing campaigns, creative design and innovative technical solutions, and increase your conversion rate.

Our Clients
Mercedes Benz Bank
Your Advantages
  • More satisfied website visitors
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher ROI for your online marketing
  • More than ten years of experience
  • Holistic and interdisciplinary approach
  • Strategic procedure
  • Maximum transparency
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