The online editorial staff at explido»iProspect assists you in all phases of your content strategy: from brainstorming to conception and on to the operative carrying out of concrete measures. We not only help you get a creative and sustainable content marketing strategy going, we also assist you with content creation – whether product texts, blog articles, infographics or the like. Our online editors never lose sight of the most important thing: Content is only good if the user is happy!

Our Expertise
Content Marketing

The expression "content marketing” is one of the most frequently used buzzwords of the last few years. But what does it mean? We breathe life into this expression and make content marketing easy to grasp for you. We define your relevant target groups, determine the channels for addressing them effectively and reveal to you the steps you can take to turn your users, fans and followers into customers.

Content Strategy

Content marketing is all well and good; however, none of your efforts will bear fruit in the long run if a strategy is missing. We help you to gain orientation in the jungle of different content optiones. We work with you to identify the relevant content formats and channels and to develop stories we can use to reach your users.

Quality Content

Quality content means telling stories; stories that involve the user emotionally and which are thus able to stick in their mind. We identify the topics that have true added value for you and your target groups and prepare these in a high-quality, journalistic way. This can be achieved through blog articles, video content or infographics, for example.

Performance Content

Peformance content aims to generate traffic and visibility as well as an increase in sales and click rates. These goals are attained through texts that are optimized for users and conversions, but also for search engines. Performance content is found in category, product or newsletter texts, among others.

Content Audit

In a content audit, we take inventory of the content of your website, your blog or your social media presence. We examine the status quo of your published textual and visual content keeping in mind different factors, such as SEO relevance, language quality or content significance and then derive concrete recommendations for action.

Content Workshops & Guidelines

In our content workshops and guidelines, we provide you with the basics of writing for online media as well as important design criteria. You learn how to better reach not only your customers but also the search engines with high-quality and perfectly-prepared visual and textual content for the long term.

Our Approach

Our online editors are journalists and content-strategists at the same time and assist you both operatively and with consulting: Content creation for your website or blog are just as much a part of our expertise as consulting or strategic activities in the area of content marketing are. Every new project is preceded by an extensive briefing in which we prepare an activity-oriented communication concept that is in line with your company goals.

Holistic content approach

“More than just ‘writing texts’: Our editorial staff possesses a holistic content-comprehension across all levels.”

Focus on the user

“SEO optimization or not – your texts won’t reach your target group unless they are written in a user-friendly way.”

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