Responsible – Sustainable – Innovative

We feel obligated to create economical, ecological and social added value for our clients, employees, partners as well as society as a whole. We associate this with the demand to handle our business activities in a responsible way and to continuously work on innovative and sustainable solutions. Within the scope of FUTURE PROOF, Dentsu Aegis Network‘s global CSR program, we bring our initiatives into the group of agencies and contribute to Dentsu Aegis Network‘s global responsibility.

  • Fairness and capability are the supporting pillars in our work with our clients and in shaping our services. We use our specific industry know-how to come up with sustainable solutions all around our agency.
  • Our mission is to improve the performance and competitive strength of our clients. However, privacy protection is also important for us. In our work for clients, we especially observe high ethical standards that are in line with all requirements of data protection.
  • A worldwide exchange of skilled employees and management for the continuous further development of the agency is part of our continuing education measures. We support our employees in the expansion of their personal capabilities.
  • Regular surveys of our employees form the backbone of our strategic approach and serve to derive targeted measures for our agency. This allows us to build up our responsibility and attractiveness as an employer to further stay competitive on the market.
  • Through our continual and systematic exchange with internal and external stakeholders, we are able to handle transparently for all interest groups. We especially guarantee this through our regular events and our social media & news offerings.
  • The preservation of an intact environment is of central importance to us. Through the passive construction of our offices, we save valuable energy and reduce CO²-pollution. Some of our locations use ground water for cooling purposes in the summer.
  • The water coolers we have installed supply our employees with the best drinking water from regional sources all the time. This way, we reduce damage to the environment from glass or PET bottles to a minimum.
  • Through our conversion to LED lighting, we bring energy efficient light into our offices. In the long-term, this helps us to reduce our energy costs by over 90 %. All of our locations are gradually converting to LED technology. We are 100 % digital and thus forgo consistent printouts in our daily work. When we do occasionally have to print something out, we do this almost exclusively on environmental protection paper.
  • We pay attention to the products we obtain. Buying locally/regionally is especially important for us and strengthens the long-term relationship to our suppliers. Our milk and tea are mostly organic. We buy fair-trade coffee.
  • For climate-neutral trips to the post office, we use an electric car in Hamburg. For our conventional company car fleet, we choose automobiles with the lowest fuel consumption, when possible. The continual exchange between our separate locations and employees is an essential part of our success. To cut back on avoidable business travel, we prefer the use of modern video conference systems. When this is not possible, we use environmentally-friendly means of transportation or form car pools for certain business trips.
  • We encourage a work-life balance through flexible work time models, assistance with child care and, where needed, the care of loved ones. This way we can offer our employees possibilities that go beyond legal regulations.
  • A healthy diet is the basis for work performance and vitality. Our employees enjoy daily a subventioned outlay at our fresh salad and fruit bars.
  • It is important for us to have satisfied employees. That’s why we offer free beverages at all of our locations.
  • Special challenges may show up in everyday work from time to time. We provide our employees with information and seminars on task management and coping with stress, and we pay attention that these challenges are recognized early and counteracted at the management level.
  • With a cooperation partner, we offer running groups, courses for back training and yoga. This optimally offsets the daily work and aids the health care of our employees. We also support employee initiatives in this area.
  • The supporting of charitable organizations through regular donations is close to our heart. Additionally, we feel close to regional artists and their projects. Our commitment strengthens cultural diversity in the cities.